2nd Place
Rachel Ford
Biomedical Engineering
Powder Springs, GA
Esteban Ongini
Biomedical Engineering
Miami, FL
Will McAllister
Biomedical Engineering
Charlotte, NC
The Sucette Smart Soother is a modernized pacifier tailored to fit the growing dentition of infants, decreasing the adverse dental, skeletal, and speech deformations associated with extended use of current designs. Being "smart", the pacifier changes color when infant fever is detected as a simple diagnostic tool for parents.

"InVenture Prize will afford us the capability to reach a wider audience of parents to promote Sucette's name and product; winning would provide the resources necessary to pursue a manufacturing scale-up and funds to begin experimental trials. Above all, winning InVenture Prize would validate the team's devotion to our product, and demonstrate the passion we have towards pediatric device design!"