4 team members
People's Choice
Atishay Jain
Computer Science
Downingtown, PA
Srikar Parsi
Computer Science
Valrico, FL
Rishi Bengani
Computer Science
Houston, TX
Tanuj Dunthuluri
Computer Science
Overland Park, KS

Candor is an intelligent Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform built for local governments; streamlining constituent complaint reporting, management, and resolution to enhance efficiency, communication, and trust.

Winning the InVenture Prize would be more than just a win for our team; it would help push the GovTech industry to revolutionize how current democratic processes are conducted. Given the industry's emphasis on proven success, this accolade would not only showcase our dedication but also lend significant credibility to our company. Winning would also spotlight the scalability of our solution, showing its potential to transform citizen engagement across different levels of government. Furthermore, it would accelerate our journey, enabling us to innovate further and expand our impact on communities, making democratic participation more accessible and effective for everyone.