Matt Segler
Mechanical Engineering
Marietta, GA
Saiharshith Kilaru
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Suwanee, GA
Jake DePiero
Mechanical Engineering
Marietta, GA
Tarun Muthuchamy
Electrical Engineering
College Station, TX
Sean Cody
Biomedical Engineering
Bernardsville, NJ
Ryan Soedjak
Computer Science
St. Charles, MO
A Patent Pending Mobile Application to Improve Computer Aided Design Efficiency.

From high-performance manufacturing engineers, to high school students learning to 3D print for the first time, CADe is built for all of the creatives and designers in the world. Winning the InVenture Prize will provide the CADe team with the Intellectual Property tools and funding that we need to rapidly scale our business. At CADe, we want to enable you to be more productive, to make your product a reality and to empower you to change the world.