Partha Unnava was born and raised in Columbus, OH. After graduating from Dublin Coffman High School, he attended Georgia Tech to study biomedical engineering. During college, he broke his ankle and spent six weeks on crutches, leading him to found BWHealth to create better products in the most overlooked areas of sports medicine, specifically with bracing and medical equipment. BWHealth is extremely patient focused in their design, and is able to maintain this focus by emphasizing direct-to-consumer sales channels.  Since founding the company in May 2013, Partha has been invited to the White House to present to President Obama, been named on the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 and selected as a Kairos Fellow, been featured on CNN and Inc., and received numerous entrepreneurship awards. He is also well known as a public speaker, having spoken at dozens of conferences and events, where he shares his story, while educating audiences on fundraising, product development, and business strategy and mindsets. With a passion for fashion and culture, Partha has also been featured in several fashion magazines, including Elle Magazine and Jezebel, as well as in several runway shows, and has recently been selected as an influencer to represent the city of Atlanta by the Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce. He spends his free time listening to hip hop music and playing basketball and club-level ultimate frisbee.