Dev is a technology entrepreneur and enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams that adopt a user-centered approach to solve real problems. His efforts and contributions have been featured in scientific journal publications, granted utility patents, Emmy Award-winning TV shows, and in ATL Inno's 25 Under 25. Dev has participated in all parts of the Georgia Tech CREATE-X program, notably having completed Startup Launch three separate times.  Dev Mandavia currently serves as Head of Strategy and Operations at OXOS Medical (, an Atlanta-based startup that develops the Micro C handheld x-ray system. At OXOS, Dev manages broader strategic initiatives in order to achieve the company's overall goal of enabling anyone anywhere to access radiologic diagnostics at the point-of-care, expanding availability and changing the way healthcare is delivered.  Prior to OXOS, Dev was co-founder and CEO at Ethos Medical, which developed a real-time, ultrasound-based needle guidance system that enables any practitioner to quickly navigate instruments (e.g., needles, catheters) into the body (initially spine) for bedside procedures (e.g., epidurals, lumbar punctures) on the first attempt. Dev led Ethos from conception in early 2018 through securement of seed funding and completion of product development in late 2020—much of which was made possible by winning the InVenture Prize in 2019. Prior to Ethos, Dev was co-founder and CEO at Alfirin Technologies, which developed safer and environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used surgical products, starting with the CauteryGuard, and ultimately leading to licensing and partnership opportunities with a publicly traded medical device company—much of which was made possible by winning the InVenture Prize in 2017.  Dev has a keen interest in contributing to K-12 STEM outreach, and has served as a mentor to the InVenture K-12 program since his first InVenture Prize win. 

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