InVenture Prize Competition 2020

Meet the 2020 InVenture Prize finalists!

Participating Teams


Team Queues
1st Place
Sohan Choudhury
Computer Science
Fairfield, CT
Akshay Patel
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Camilla, GA
Samuel Porta
Computer Science
Marietta, GA
Jarod Schneider
Computer Science
Covington, GA
Michael Verges
Computer Science
Mandeville, LA
Queues provides the best live wait times for your favorite dining locations.
Long lines suck. They cost you time and cost businesses money. Winning Inventure Prize will help us bring Queues to millions, making long lines a thing of the past.


Team Aerodyme
2nd Place
Tyler Boone
Mechanical Engineering
Marietta, GA
Joy Bullington
Industrial Engineering
Johns Creek, GA
Jayce Delker
Mechanical Engineering
Monroe, GA
Aerodyme Technologies aims to provide the most practical and efficient rear-mounted aerodynamic attachment for tractor trailers available on the market that eliminates driver interaction altogether.
Considering all that we have accomplished thus far with very little funding, the exposure, funds and networking opportunity that the Inventure Prize provides would give us everything we need to succesfully bring this product to market.


Team Canary
People's Choice
Sims Pettway
Mechanical Engineering
Lookout Mountain, GA
Stephen Ralph Jr
Computer Engineering
Sandy Springs, GA
Noah Waldron
Computer Science
Murfreesboro, TN
Canary provides students a platform to read and write reviews about their internship and co-op experiences and provides employers insight on how to improve their programs to more effectively convert talent to full-time.
Winning the InVenture Prize would provide us the funds and resources to grow our team to further develop the software platform in preparation for this next internship and co-op season, roll it out to more schools beyond Georgia Tech with a marketing campaign, and establish strategic partnerships with employers and universities.


Team Nasolution
Jacob Banov
Biomedical Engineering
Atlanta, GA
Brandon Kleber
Mechanical Engineering
Atlanta, GA
Dan Liubovich
Biomedical Engineering
Shrewsbury, MA
Adam Verga
Materials Science and Engineering
Newton, MA
A device for the safe self-administration of intranasal prescription medication at home, allowing remote regulation and monitoring by the user’s health care provider.
Winning InVenture Prize would give us the resources necessary to curb prescription drug abuse while opening new markets for much-needed treatments.

W8R Systems

Team W8R Systems
Curtis Lary
Mechanical Engineering
Miami, FL
Overhead Robotic Delivery System
Winning the Inventure Prize would mean that you will see the W8R System brought to locations around the world! The funding would be put towards detailed system engineering for expansion and certification.


Team Watchdog
Hannah Blankenship
Electrical Engineering
Wheaton, IL
Jason Diaz
Mechanical Engineering
Atascocita, TX
Ryan Fadell
Mechanical Engineering
Chicago, IL
Cole Otto
Mechanical Engineering
Dunwoody, GA
Mehnaz Ruksana
Computer Science
Suwanee, GA
Nicolette Sam
Electrical Engineering
Weston, FL
A portable security device used to protect personal belongings in public spaces.
Winning Inventure Prize would mean we can turn this small idea into a reality to give college students and remote workers peace of mind when they need to step away from their belongings.
Faith Salie and Ashley Mengwasser
Shannon Evanchec, Garrett Langley, and Tripp Rackley.