InVenture Prize Competition 2018

Meet the 2018 InVenture Prize finalists! Click on a team name below to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Participating Teams


1st Place
Kolby Hanley
Materials Science and Engineering
Cambridge, VT
A first of its kind aiming device for competitive archery.
"Winning InVenture Prize would would mean so much to me. It would allow me to come out of college 100% debt free and start working for myself at my own company, doing what I love to do, in the industry I love to be in. Winning InVenture Prize would truly change my life and i'm very excited to have a spot in the finals!"


2nd Place
Dallas Condra
Mechanical Engineering
Knoxville, TN
Jeremy Leff
Mechanical Engineering
Honolulu, HI
Vanya Padmanabhan
Industrial Design
Atlanta, GA
PedalCreator’s Disruption is the first analog effects pedal that gives guitarists the freedom to create any distortion sound at an affordable price.
"The judges selection of PedalCreator as the winner of Inventure prize would confirm to the world that Disruption is a consumer ready device while giving us the extra momentum to push our pedal debut to new heights. The prize money will allow us to file for our utility patent and help us to set up a manufacturer to produce our pedal at a larger scale."


People's Choice
Michele Lauto
Materials Science and Engineering
Santa Monica, CA
Tyler Quill
Materials Science and Engineering
Grayson, GA
Aaron Stansell
Materials Science and Engineering
Birmingham, AL
Lucas Votaw
Materials Science and Engineering
Herndon, VA
pHAM is a coffee filter that reduces the acidity of coffee.
"Winning the InVenture Prize would be a dream come true for our team. It would give us the patent that we need to license this technology and get pHAM into coffee chains across the nation, and with the capital from winning InVenture, we can expand our current manufacturing process and supply more local coffee shops with pHAM."


Anushk Mittal
Computer Science
New Delhi, India
Joshua Wang
Computer Science
Seoul, South Korea
Memeois is a personalized all meme platform -- Giphy for Memes
"I don’t view InVenture Prize as a competition to win but an opportunity to present our product to the world. I am glad to be selected for the InVenture Prize finals where I can talk about my passion and my work that I have dedicated my life to. That said, winning the Inventure Prize can help scale our resources to speed-up the development timeline and conduct large scale user research without worrying about the instant financial needs."


Bailey Klee
Biomedical Engineering
Alpharetta, GA
Rachel Mann
Biomedical Engineering
Homer Glen, IL
Sydney Platt
Biomedical Engineering
Lake Jackson, TX
Nicholas Quan
Biomedical Engineering
Richmond Hill, GA
The Scal-Pal is a surgical blade package with built in mechanisms to attach and remove scalpel blades while eliminating blade exposure.
"Winning InVenture Prize would bring the Scal-Pal one step closer to protecting thousands of healthcare workers from the threat of exposed blades and blood borne illnesses. It would give us the resources needed to obtain a patent and begin the process of licensing our device. With the monetary prize our team would travel to trade shows in order to gain exposure to medical device manufacturers."


Michael Bailey
Mechanical Engineering
Canton, GA
Austin Forgey
Mechanical Engineering
McDonough, GA
Hannah Larson
Mechanical Engineering
Roswell, GA
Lauren Perrine
Mechanical Engineering
Potomac, MD
Brandon Will
Mechanical Engineering
Circle Pines, MN
An easy, safe, and effective strap tensioning tool for any shaped load.
"Winning the InVenture Prize is the catalyst team Tensionr needs to produce a small run of demo tensioners. With these tools, we can showcase the functionality of the product to companies and begin to receive orders. Filling purchase orders will allow us to manufacture in larger quantities, increase our profit margins, and jumpstart our business. The InVenture Prize will enable us to pursue larger markets and make our tool ubiquitous in a variety of industries."
Faith Salie and Ashley Mengwasser
Jasmine, Burton, Rachel Ford, and Partha Unnava