InVenture Prize Competition 2016

Meet the 2016 InVenture Prize finalists! Click on a team name below to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Participating Teams


1st Place
Zachary Braun
Computer Engineering
Newnan, GA
Tyler Sisk
Electrical Engineering
Newnan, GA
FireHUD is a real time monitoring system and Head Up Display (HUD) that displays biometric and environmental data to firefighters and outside officials
"Firefighters are everyday heroes that deserve the best protective gear. Winning the InVenture Prize would give us the capability and credibility to get our product into the hands of firefighters and protect our protectors."


2nd Place
Hailey Brown
Mechanical Engineering
Atlanta, GA
Matthew Devlin
Biomedical Engineering
San Diego, CA
Ana Gomez del Campo
Biomedical Engineering
Weston, FL
Garrett Wallace
Biomedical Engineering
Sutter, CA
Wobble is a dynamic balance testing device to improve concussion recovery assessments for athletes.
"Winning the InVenture Prize will bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal: providing a sensitive, objective evaluation of concussion recovery to keep athletes safe from future injury and the risk of permanent brain damage."


People's Choice
Samantha Becker
Civil Engineering
Atlanta, GA
Sarah Lynn Bowen
Business Administration
Sandy Springs, GA
Naomi Ergun
Business Administration
Cumming, GA
Shannon Evanchec
Environmental Engineering
Saxonburg, PA
TruePani is a household sanitation solution, consisting of a passive antimicrobial cup and storage water device, that kills harmful microbes in drinking water at the point-of-use level.
"88% of children who die from diarrheal diseases could have lived if they had improved sanitation within their home. Winning the InVenture Prize would allow us to expose the problem of cup contamination and directly impact people in underserved communities."


Ali Abid
Computer Science
Atlanta, GA
Molly Ricks
International Affairs
Macon, GA
FretWizard is an artificial intelligence system that learns how to play guitar songs and teaches users what it's learned.
"We would be able to better market our product so guitar users can find and use our product. We'd be able to partner with music companies and artists who could help market FretWizard."


Siu Lun Chan
Mechanical Engineering
Hong Kong
Ming Him Ko
Mechanical Engineering
Hong Kong
Zhifeng Su
Mechanical Engineering
Guangzhou, China
Timothy Woo
Mechanical Engineering
Kansas City, MO
RoboGoalie is an automatic soccer retrieval device that collects the ball and launches it back to the user and doubles the efficiency of soccer practice.
"Winning InVenture would make it possible to get our product on the market and in use by a wide variety of individuals and teams who are depending on our product to make a difference in their practice routines, and to see our invention realized on the field."

TEQ Charging

James Dorrier Coleman
Computer Engineering
Atlanta, GA
Mitchell Kelman
Computer Science
Boca Raton, FL
Joshua Lieberman
Mechanical Engineering
Boca Raton, FL
Isaac Wittenstein
Mechanical Engineering
Marietta, GA
TEQ Charging has developed a power management system for electric vehicle chargers to reduce the cost of installation, increases the efficiency of charging, and therefore, provides greater accessibility to charging.
"Winning the InVenture Prize would assist us in our goal of making electric vehicles more practical by providing greater accessibility to charging using the TEQ system."
Faith Salie and Bahareh Azizi
Lonnie Johnson, John Marshall, and Wendi Sturgis