2015 InVenture Prize Competition

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Competition Finalists

2nd Place
People's Choice


Adam Szaruga
- Computer Science
, Lawrenceville, GA
Shehmeer Jiwani
- Computer Science
, Snellville, GA

EQIP is a native try-before-you-buy marketplace that lets musicians experiment with expensive audio tools before committing to purchasing them.

"As musicians we're very aware of how underserved the music production community is, so we're setting out to fix many of the problems that the community faces. Winning the InVenture Prize would mean we can turn our passion for music into our careers while simultaneously helping musicians make better music worldwide."

Miguel Oller
- Mechanical Engineering
, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Ricardo De Andrade
- Industrial Engineering & Computer Science
, Caracas, Venezuela

Shortweb is a social productivity platform that delivers the most important information online through in-page, crowdsourced, highlights.

"As avid online readers, we understand that lack of time is a major problem when trying to find content online. We currently have a small pool of alpha testers giving us great feedback and asking for more features. Winning the InVenture Prize would give us the resources to accelerate the development of our product and to build the components necessary to scale our solution and make it available to millions of users."

FlameTech Grill Defender
Alex Roe
- Computer Science
, Cumming, GA
Scott Schroer
- Mechanical Engineering
, Dunwoody, GA
Will Sweet
- Business Administration
, Newnan, GA

The Grill Defender is a life safety device for gas grills that alerts users when gas levels have reached an unsafe threshold.

"Safety is our greatest concern, and winning the InVenture Prize would give us the capital and credibility to get our safety technology into the hands of grillers and grill manufacturers as soon as possible."

Philip Bale
- Computer Science
, Hockessin, DE
Megan Fechter
- Business Administration
, Augusta, GA
Chandler Matz
- Computer Engineering
, Cumming, GA

Haplit is an interactive and responsive learning device for the braille writing system that is targeted at those born blind or with degenerative diseases.

"Haplit was born out of the dream of making the world a better place for those subjected to visual impairment. As a technical device, however, we need capital for development and manufacturing. Winning the InVenture Prize would allow our team to professionally produce Haplit on a large scale and effectively deliver our product to market in a timely manner."

Jack Breen
- Mechanical Engineering
, Encino, CA

The QuantaBrew is an airtight container that dispenses a set amount of coffee grounds each pour, simplifying the process of making coffee every morning.

"Winning the InVenture Prize will allow us to work with an industrial design firm who can help improve QuantaBrew’s design as an easy-to-use, inexpensive product that could be sold to coffee drinkers looking to save time in their morning routine."

Mohamad Ali Najia
- Biomedical Engineering
, Danvers, MA
Jacquelyn Borinski
- Biomedical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA
Drew Padilla
- Biomedical Engineering
, Tampa, FL

OculoStaple is a revolutionary new surgical device to safely correct for drooping eyelids. 

"With safety in mind, we at OculoStaple are committed to correcting for drooping eyelids and restore patients' vision - most of whom are elderly. Our revolutionary new product vastly improves patient outcomes when compared to current surgical techniques. Winning the InVenture Prize will give us the support needed to get this product in the hands of surgeons and improving the daily lives of patients."


Faith Salie and Bahareh Azizi


John Marshall, Guy Primus, and Wendi Sturgis