2014 InVenture Prize Competition

Listed below are the 2014 InVenture Prize finalists. Click on a team name to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Competition Finalists


1st Place People's Choice
2nd Place


Jasmine Burton
- Industrial Design
, Dunwoody, GA
Erin Cobb
- Industrial Design
, Atlanta, GA
Brandie Banner
- Civil Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA

The Safi Choo is an inexpensive, mobile toilet that lowers fecal-oral contamination and reduces stress on the body while maintaining the cultural practices of squatting and anal cleansing, in order to bring relief to refugees in the developing world.

"The CDC's water and sanitation researchers are interested in implementing our design in refugee camps in Africa contingent upon us receiving funding for materials for protoypes and further research. Therefore, winning InVenture would not only mean bringing our product to the global market, but it would also ignite potential careers for our team since we are all passionate about ultimately becoming humanitarian designers and engineers."

Rachel Ford
- Biomedical Engineering
, Powder Springs, GA
Esteban Ongini
- Biomedical Engineering
, Miami, FL
Will McAllister
- Biomedical Engineering
, Charlotte, NC

The Sucette Smart Soother is a modernized pacifier tailored to fit the growing dentition of infants, decreasing the adverse dental, skeletal, and speech deformations associated with extended use of current designs. Being "smart", the pacifier changes color when infant fever is detected as a simple diagnostic tool for parents.

"InVenture Prize will afford us the capability to reach a wider audience of parents to promote Sucette's name and product; winning would provide the resources necessary to pursue a manufacturing scale-up and funds to begin experimental trials. Above all, winning InVenture Prize would validate the team's devotion to our product, and demonstrate the passion we have towards pediatric device design!"

Better Walk
Partha Unnava
- Biomedical Engineering
, Dublin, OH
Frankie Swindell
- Biomedical Engineering
, Grayslake, IL
Andrew Varghese
- Biomedical Engineering
, Suwanee, GA

The Better Walk Crutch is a premium assistive device that provides users with more comfort when rehabbing a lower leg injury.

"Winning the InVenture Prize would be a huge step in putting our products into the hands of people whose lives could benefit from it. We're ready to make an impact on the world and show how innovation can come from anywhere, even students."

Guitar Guys
Richie Choy
- Computer Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA
Jacob Howard
- Electrical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA
Ian MacKensie
- Electrical Engineering
, Dahlonega, GA
Garrett Wade
- Electrical Engineering
, Warner Robbins, GA

Enlighten Music Trainer is an effective learning tool that utilizes interactive LED technology to change the way people learn to play the guitar.

"Winning the InVenture Prize gives our idea the resources and traction necessary to become a reality within a competitive market."

Lights Out
Geries AbuAkel
- Electrical Engineering
, Duluth, GA
Michael Duke
- Biomedical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Saranya Karthikeyan
- Biomedical Engineering
, Cary, NC
Dershika Patel
- Biomedical Engineering
, Covington, GA

Sleepwell Sleepwear by Lights Out is a night shirt which reduces snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea to improve overall sleep quality using automated positional therapy.

"Winning the InVenture Prize would mean giving us the opportunity to bring millions of people one step closer to finally obtaining a good night's sleep."

Charlsie Lemons
- Mechanical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA
James Hess
- Mechanical Engineering
, Acworth, GA
AJ Yllander
- Electrical Engineering
, Warner Robbins, GA
Zachary Churney
- Mechanical Engineering
, Marietta, GA

Upsadazy is a stair-capable baby stroller with safety features that protect the stroller from tipping while on the stairs.

"For the product, it would mean that we would have the resources to fully finish the prototype and the IP to start marketing the idea to stroller companies. For the team, winning the InVenture prize would represent the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice at Georgia Tech, combined with the support of our family and friends, in the pursuit of becoming successful engineers and inventors."


Faith Salie

Commentator, Journalist, Actress, and Rhodes Scholar

Bahareh Azizi

Director of Business Development and Communications, Dasman Diabetes Institute


Behrooz Abdi

Chief Executive Officer, InvenSense

Deborah Kilpatrick

Chief Commercial Officer, CardioDx

Guy Primus

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Thrillerdome Ventures