InVenture Prize Competition 2019

Meet the 2019 InVenture Prize finalists!

Participating Teams

Ethos Medical

Members of Ethos Medical Team
1st Place
Dev Mandavia
Biomedical Engineering
Duluth, GA
Lucas Muller
Mechanical Engineering
San Diego, CA
Cassidy Wang
Biomedical Engineering
Dublin, OH
Ethos is making spinal taps quicker and safer by providing an intuitive real-time needle guidance system for use right at the patient’s bedside.
Winning the InVenture Prize would be a huge catalyst for progress! It would allow us to file a patent to protect our invention; it would fund the cadaveric and animal testing we need to do to prove the utility of our device; and it would open doors to clinical experts, business experts, and anyone else who can help us grow!


Members of TremorTrainer Team
2nd Place
Nisha Goddard
Biomedical Engineering
Trabuco Canyon, CA 
Nicolette Prevost
Biomedical Engineering
Alpharetta, GA
Colten Spivey
Material Science and Engineering
Franklin, TN
A therapeutic glove that implements counter-weight technology in order to enable those suffering from hand tremors to regain their ability to perform any everyday task.
Winning InVenture Prize will mean three big things for TremorTrainer: First, it would allow us to gain exposure, meaning people who could benefit from our life-changing device will hear about! Second, we would be able to file a design patent and upscale our sale of the device. Finally, it would give us the resources necessary to move our manufacturing in-house, in order to make our glove more readily available to patients at a cheaper cost.


Members of Nix Team
People's Choice
Mohammed Aamir
Mechanical Engineering
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Thomas Olson
Computer Science
Ellicott City, MD
Robert Patterson
Mechanical Engineering
Sandy Springs, GA
Vishwa Shah
Computer Science
Tampa, FL
Dustin Sloan
Mechanical Engineering
Millbrook, NY
Milan Smart
Mechanical Engineering
Orlando, FL
Cory Stine
Mechanical Engineering
Saint Louis, MO
The vape that automatically tapers nicotine.
Winning InVenture Prize would give us the resources we need to manufacture more prototypes and deploy them into the hands of real users. This would provide us the critical data we need to fine tune our product.

Finger Flyer

Members of Finger Flyer Team
Austin Condict
Computer Science
Athens, GA
Jacob Parker
Mechanical Engineering
Windham, NH
Finger Flyer is a whole new way to interact with quadcopter drones, that circumvents a standard radio controller by literally putting the power of flight at your fingertips.
Winning InVenture Prize would be a dream come true for Finger Flyer. It would grant us the platform and financial support to help fufill our goal of introducing the next generation of youth to the power of drone technology in a fun and novel way. 


Emilio Conde
Mechanical Engineering
Locust Grove, GA
Michael Francesconi
Mechanical Engineering
Johns Creek, GA
Johnny Maroun
Computer Science
Marietta, GA
Colin Santoro
Mechanical Engineering
Suwanee, GA
Chris Truong
Computer Science
Newnan, GA
Erik Van Winkle
Mechanical Engineering
Dunwoody, GA
HANDLD is a disruptive, first of its kind device that gives cyclists the power to identify, record and report violations of safe passing laws across the nation.
Winning the InVenture Prize would enable us to continue pursuing our passion and allow us to take the next steps towards saving lives through safer roads.


Max Brauer
Computer Science
Atlanta, GA
Jacqueline Elliott
Computer Science
Brattleboro, VT
Ryan Miles
Computer Science
Dacula, Georgia
Cliff Panos
Computer Science
Winter Park, FL
Hanwen Xu
Computer Science
Atlanta, GA
Unfoldit is a game of paper folding and hole punching designed to test and enhance spatial abilities.
Winning the InVenture Prize would give us the funding for the marketing, branding, and legal fees that we need to protect Unfoldit and advertise it to reach the top charts of the App Store and Google Play Store. This prize would give us the resources we need to stack up to the competition and empower Unfoldit to be a leader in the next generation of apps.
Faith Salie and Ashley Mengwasser
Behrooz Abdi, Blake Patton, and Erika Tyburski.