2010 InVenture Prize Competition

Listed below are the 2010 InVenture Prize finalists. Click on a team name to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Competition Finalists



Novel Drum
Sarah Vaden
- Aerospace Engineering
, Huddleston, VA

Pneumatically Elevated Pitch Drum, a drum tuning device.

"If I won the InVenture Prize, it would give me the necessary momentum to revolutionize the drumming community as a whole. It would be a statement for the prevailing power and integration of technology in music. Basically, it would give me the means to fulfill my dream of applying my engineering talents to my creative passions."

Strengthening Apparel
Patrick Whaley
- Mechanical Engineering
, Duluth, GA

Omega Wear, exercise clothing without range of motion limitations.

"Winning the InVenture Prize will help me revolutionize the athletic training industry."

Web Collectives
Christopher Stuckey
- Computer Science
, Greenville, SC

FandomU is a computer program that connects people in interest-based collectives.

"The InVenture Prize is giving me the runway necessary to make Fandom U really fly."

Express Press
Joyce Zou
- Industrial Design
, Alpharetta, GA

A French press coffee maker that prevents bitter coffee.

"I love coffee and I love to design products. Competing in the InVenture Prize has allowed me to combine these passions."

Memory Boosta
Quinn Lai
- Mechanical Engineering
, Hong Kong, China

A flash card organizing system.

"The InVenture Prize gives me an opportunity to contribute to the future of education."

Drive Awake
Brandon Fox
- Biomedical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Neil Shah
- Biomedical Engineering
, Norwood, NJ
Rohan Trivedi
- Biomedical Engineering
, Haymarket, VA
Ganesh Nair
- Aerospace Engineering
, New York, NY
Robert Lindemann
- Aerospace Engineering
, Yorktown, VA

EEG Brainwave Analysis Headset, a device to prevent drowsy driving.

"Winning the InVenture Prize competition would give me the opportunity to create a company which aims to develop products that save lives."

Koozie Cooler
Nicole Miller
- Mechanical Engineering
, Canton, GA
Matthew Hickey
- Mechanical Engineering
, Lawrenceville, GA
Matthew Kinsel
- Mechanical Engineering
, Cartersville, GA
Robert Gillan
- Mechanical Engineering
, Coral Springs, FL
Charlie Puch
- Mechanical Engineering
, St. Louis, MO
Lindsay Brandino
- Mechanical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA

The Koozie Cooler, a portable beverage cooler.

"The InVenture Prize is a great opportunity to help fuel my engineering passion and grow as an inventor."

Developing World Pump
Stephen Cazayoux
- Mechanical Engineering
, Roswell, GA
Constantine Polizos
- Mechanical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Hugh Linton
- Mechanical Engineering
, Black Mountain, NC
Daniel Henyu Lin
- Mechanical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Denise Elaine Hewes
- Mechanical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Simon Clark
- Mechanical Engineering
, Columbus, GA

Multifunction Automobile Powered Pump, a device for water access in the developing world.


Miles O'Brien

Broadcast News Journalist

Bahareh Azizi

Researcher in the Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Scott Slade

Host of "Atlanta's Morning News" on News/Talk 759 WSB

Greg Foster

Venture capitalist, Mechanical Engineer from Georgia Tech, MBA from Harvard Business School

Laura O'Conner Hodgson

Mom, Co-founder of Nourish Inc. and Insomnia LLC, Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, MBA from Harvard Business School

David N. Ku

Lawrence P. Huang Endowed Chair in Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Regents' Professor, George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and College of Management