2017 InVenture Prize Competition

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Competition Finalists


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Capable Cane
Jeffrey McMichael
- Mechanical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA

The Capable Cane is a walking cane that unfolds into a portable, stable chair.

"Winning the InVenture Prize would provide capital to conduct further testing and expand the prototype to future editions. Additionally, the patent would take the Capable Cane to the next step before production - thereby allowing millions to benefit from its use. "

Jack Corelli
- Biomedical Engineering
, Philiadelphia, PA
Hunter Hatcher
- Biomedical Engineering
, Marietta, GA
Dev Mandavia
- Biomedical Engineering
, Duluth, GA
Devin Li
- Biomedical Engineering
, Corning, NY

CauteryGuard is a safer electrocautery device - we eliminate any chance of injury caused by electrocautery devices.

"Electrocautery devices are one of the most used AND most misused medical devices. Winning the InVenture Prize would give us the exposure and resources needed to enter the medical device industry. The monetary prize would allow us to mass produce the CauteryGuard which will eliminate injuries from electrocautery devices and save lives. "

David Ehrlich
- Computer Engineering
, Portland, OR
Ryan Williams
- Computer Engineering
, Las Vegas, NV
Samuel Clarke
- Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
, Indianapolis, IN

A CPR mask which allows an untrained bystander to perform CPR by collecting vitals and dynamically walking the user through each step of the process.

"Winning the Inventure Prize would give our product the exposure it needs to spread across the country and save as many lives as possible. The monetary prize would help us consolidate enough resources to design our product for production at a large enough scale to have a significant impact on the likelihood of survival from cardiac arrest."

Veronica Young
- Industrial Design
, McDonough, GA
Nora Johnson
- Industrial Design
, Tampa, FL

Gaitway is transportable parallel bars for at-home pediatric physical therapy.

"For us, winning the Inventure prize would mean a successful ending to our time as students at Georgia Tech, and an incredible advent into the world of professional makers."

Murtaza Bambot
- Industrial Engineering
, Duluth, GA
Nathan Dass
- Computer Science
, Woodbridge, VA

InternBlitz is the common application for internships.

"Nobody likes looking for a job. It's tiring, tedious, and disheartening. Winning InVenture Prize would allow us to bring InternBlitz to millions of students across the nation and help countless people find a meaningful career."

Wenqi Xian
- Computer Science
, Beijing, China
Sarthak Srinivas
- Computer Science
, Bangalore, India
Cheng Hann Gan
- Computer Science
, Wheaton, Illinois

PickAR is like Google Maps for warehouses – we use Augmented Reality technology to help businesses find and pick your orders in warehouses.

"Winning the InVenture Prize would help us realize our vision of spreading the benefits of Augmented Reality technology to businesses and consumers around the world."


Faith Salie and Ashley Mengwasser


David Frakes, Wendi Sturgis, and Partha Unnava